Volunteer of the Month – November 2021

Peter Herwitt

Let us introduce you to Peter Herwitt, MD, our November Volunteer of the Month.

Peter grew up on the East Coast in a home that did not necessarily practice Judaism. However, he studied and became Bar Mitzvah. As a young adult, living in Salt Lake City, Peter decided to try to find other Jews. He discovered the JCC and participated in their activities.

After moving to Los Angeles as a single man, a classmate introduced him to a young Sephardic lady and it was through her family that Peter finally discovered what it was like to be part of a more observant Jewish family. He said it was a whole new awakening. He and Robin married and decided they wanted to raise their family in a Jewish home, so they did a little temple shopping. When they walked through the doors of Temple Beth El they felt they had come home. “The shoes fit just right”.

Peter served on the Board of Directors while Barry Tyson was President. After a few years, Peter felt he needed a break and stepped back from temple leadership.

Peter felt bereft when Rabbi Briskin left. He had lost his rabbi. Then along comes this wonderful addition to Temple Beth El in the form of Rabbi Cassi. Peter felt like Moses and the desert. He was home again.

Young Peter Herwitt did not want to be a doctor. His passion in high school was bowling. He told his mother he wanted to be a professional bowler. You can imagine how well that went over. Peter has spent his professional life as a radiologist.

While he still bowls, he also plays golf and he and Robin love to travel. They feel extremely fortunate that their children live close by. “Poppy” and “Yaya” are highly involved with their grandchildren, attending sporting events and school functions.

Peter currently is on the TBE Board of Directors and is serving as the Chair of the Reopening Task Force. He is a font of Covid information and is willing to share his knowledge. The health of our congregants as we worship and learn is a result of the many hours Peter has counseled, advised, informed, and led this group to make thoughtful and important decisions that have been in the best interests of our congregation and our clergy. Peter has led with his medical mind, his scientific acumen, and his love for Temple Beth El.

Peter shares that “TBE gives us a place where we can come with our worries and cares and leave feeling uplifted and renewed.”

If you would like to nominate someone as Volunteer of the Month, please reach out to Carrie Jacobs. Thank you so much!