Volunteer of the Month – June 2021

Volunteer of the Month – Sharyl Holtzman

Each month we honor and recognize a phenomenal volunteer whose contributions greatly enhance the Temple Beth El community.

June’s volunteer is known for her ability to communicate and promote the myriad of Temple Beth El’s programs, her knowledge of Facebook, Instagram and all aspects of social media, her creativity, writing skills, and strategic vision. Sharyl Holtzman is June’s Volunteer of the Month!

Sharyl, who chairs TBE’s Marketing and Communications committee, also serves as a member of TBE’s Board of Directors and the Open Tent committee.

We are very proud of all the programs that happen at Temple Beth El. Sharyl is the driving force that ensures that these programs are publicized and shared. Because of Sharyl’s significant efforts, we are able to continue to engage our members and also reach out to the larger community.

Sharyl approaches her work with a strategic vision. She is an “out of the box thinker” and always looks at the whole picture. She builds relationships and partnerships which benefit the promotion of TBE’s events. The word “no” is not in Sharyl’s vocabulary. “I’ll get it done for you” is her mantra, and she always does!

Last year, TBE commissioned a new temple video. Under Sharyl’s guidance and creative eye, the video has just been completed and is something that we are very proud to share with the entire community. Sharyl’s direction guaranteed that the video expresses the warmth and inclusiveness that is Temple Beth El.

A native of Chicago, Sharyl has a huge heart and has devoted herself to many important causes. She has been an activist in the AIDS program and has a lifelong commitment to social action. As part of this, she has been involved with other TBE members in making sandwiches for people who are in need. She rescues and loves dogs and has an appreciation for music and the arts. As a professional marketer and non- profit professional, Sharyl’s skills lead many organizations to successful outcomes.

If you would like to nominate someone as Volunteer of the Month, please reach out to Carrie Jacobs. Thank you so much!