Volunteer of the Month – January 2022

Jaime Lowenstein, MENsch Club Chair

Have you ever been “volunteered” for an important task? Such was the luck of Temple Beth El 2 years ago when Jaime Lowenstein was “volunteered” to be the chair of the newly reinstated MENsch Club. And to the good fortune of TBE, Jaime said a resounding YES!

Jaime’s mom was born in Brooklyn and his dad was born in Chicago. They met and married in Los Angeles where Jaime was born. The Lowensteins became involved with Wilshire Boulevard Temple and Jaime became Bar Mitzvah there. This Southern California guy grew up loving hockey, both as a player and as a fan. And you may not know this about Jaime, but among the items on his bucket list, he hopes to one day resume skating and playing hockey! Jaime married his wonderful wife, Maura, on March 15, 2003. They are the proud parents of 15-year-old twins, Patrick and Abby. As luck would have it (and maybe it was b’shert), Patrick’s kindergarten teacher was TBE member, Raye Murphy. Raye encouraged the Lowensteins to join TBE and as Maura says, “they found their home.”

Patrick and Abby had their B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Beth El in January 2020, and Patrick is a madrich during Sunday School. The twins attend Palos Verdes High School where Patrick plays sax in the jazz and marching bands. Abby loves journalism and art and is involved in the school’s award-winning journalism program.

While caring for their busy and active family, Maura is on the board of Las Amigas which supports the Orthopedic Institute for Children in LA. Maura is a TBE Neighborhood Connector and a founder of this program, and has served on the Open Tent committee.

Professionally, Jaime is the Director of Laboratory Sales for the Mayo Clinic. A natural leader, Jaime brings enthusiasm and passion to all that he does. He motivates others and cares about people. During his career, he has been a mentor to many and his guidance is often sought by his colleagues.

At home, Jaime is the family chef, with his specialty being brisket and barbecuing. Maura says that the neighbors in Lunada Bay often ask what Jaime is making for dinner as they can smell the aromas from his grill! Jaime also takes the family on camping trips, or “glamping’ as they call it – motor home style!

Through his involvement with TBE and the MENsch Club, Jaime has reconnected with his Jewish roots. Working with TBE leaders such as George Mayer and the MENsch Club committee, Jaime has found his place in the TBE community.

And his welcoming, big personality and enthusiasm has enhanced the success of the MENsch Club. It was Jaime’s idea to introduce a “journey speaker” at each MENsch Club program, someone who has a special story to tell and to share. He is committed to mentoring TBE members through job transition, resume writing, etc. It also gives Jaime pleasure to present candlesticks to TBE’s B’nai Mitzvah recipients on behalf of the MENsch Club. Whether by video or in person, this is a role he fills with pride. From strategizing about MENsch Club programs, to interviewing participants including a speaker who fought in Israel’s War of Independence, to planning a mentoring event for college students, Jaime’s leadership is felt.

Jaime’s priorities in life are family, friends and community. He is truly a mensch who shares himself with others, who cares deeply about people and who values the relationships he builds. Each relationship that is enhanced through the MENsch Club is how Jaime measures success. Temple Beth El is proud to honor Jaime Lowenstein as our Volunteer of the Month!

With special thanks to Maura Lowenstein, for giving us the inside scoop on Jaime for this article and for “volunteering” Jaime!

If you would like to nominate someone as Volunteer of the Month, please reach out to Carrie Jacobs at tbeoffice@bethelsp.org. Thank you so much!