Temple Beth El Welcomes a New Settled Rabbi

Temple Beth El is pleased to announce that Rabbi Cassi Kail will be joining us on July 1st and we look forward to welcoming her into our community.

From our new Rabbi:

“My name is Cassi Kail, and I am both humbled and overjoyed by the opportunity to serve as the next Rabbi of Temple Beth El. This summer I will move to San Pedro with my husband, Josh, and our children Noam and Talia.

From the moment I walked through the synagogue’s doors, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Beth El community. It was not the stunning new building that most impressed me, but rather the people within. I feel immense gratitude to work alongside the superbly talented and devoted leadership of Cantor Ilan Davidson and Educator Racheli Morris. Within this congregation there is a sense of pride in Beth El’s rich 97-year-old history. I am proud to join in upholding this rich legacy while embracing the enormous opportunities of today.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a rabbi. I delight in creating meaningful worship, studying and teaching Torah, interfaith work, and tikkun olam. Of all the work I have been blessed to do since my ordination in 2011, I find relationship building to be the most gratifying. It will be my top priority to find opportunities to get to know you when I arrive in San Pedro this Summer. I am so grateful for the congregational leaders who are already volunteering to open their home for informal social gatherings so that we can begin what I hope will prove to be meaningful and long-lasting connections. In Pirkei Avot, our ancestors teach, ‘Make for yourself a teacher, acquire a friend’. I look forward to the many years of learning and of friendship ahead of us.”


See her sermons here.