Temple Beth El and Family Promise

Temple Beth El is Making a Difference with Family Promise of the South Bay

Temple Beth El has been volunteering with the program Family Promise of the South Bay for over two years, guided by Laurel Perry. This is a national organization that provides support services, shelter, meals, and other help to families experiencing homelessness. Families are in the program for an average of around nine months until they find permanent housing. This program depends on volunteers and local houses of worship for support on a weekly basis. The United Methodist Church of San Pedro is one host church and TBE, along with other local congregations, provide meals and camaraderie for a week at a time.

When each family arrives at the church, they receive a private room with air mattresses, linens, pillows, and stuffed animals for the kids. Our volunteers and these families all enjoy a meal together that we have provided. After dinner, they can retreat to their rooms or enjoy a game of basketball in the church’s indoor court. A volunteer spends the night as an additional means of support. In the morning, these families leave by 6:30 am to start their long day of work and school. It is a challenging life but with our support they can find a bit of respite from their hardships.

A big shout out to our incredible and dedicated volunteers Sharyl Holtzman, Marla Shwarts, Annette Alpern, Tom, Natasha and Noah Rosenberg, David Udewitz, Elliott Brunner, Naomi Greenleaf, Dawn Moore, Emil Yevdayev, Renee Simon Gormley, and Fran Brown.