Technology is a Big Part of TBE

Technology is TBE’s new best friend!

Marla Shwarts — Co-President

People have really enjoyed their ability to continue to connect with TBE throughout the quarantine via Zoom and our Live Streaming modalities. Our commitment to our temple is evident in that, although we were physically far apart, we remained very close to one another. Keeping this in mind we are not only upgrading our media technology, we are making it a priority to improve our multi-access format so that congregants and others can maintain their connections to TBE and encourage others to join our TBE Family. It is exciting to note that we have enthusiastic members as far away as Oregon, San Diego, the east region of the U.S., and the San Gabriel Valley areas.

Our brand new video, “Come Home Already” was presented at our Annual Meeting on June 2nd. It was met with resounding voices of appreciation for its inclusivity, warmth, and accurate reflection of who we are. It is now a vital source of introduction to our beloved temple and all of us can be a part of using it to attract new families. Many of you have watched the video on Facebook and other media outlets. We want all of you to share the video as much as possible and it is our pleasure to let you know that our tech people listed in the KBE and on our Tuesday and Friday emails will help you use the technology to share this video with as many people as you can. Re-opening our spiritual home is a careful and loving task that is exciting and has moved us in new directions to accommodate and include as many people as possible. We are grateful to technology, we are challenged and enriched by it, and we are blessed to be able to share our best selves with the world!