TBE’s Hanukkah Celebrations

Shine a Light with TBE – Join Our Hanukkah Celebrations

All events on Zoom with your TBE Zoom Link and Password and Facebook Live; Shabbat will also be on YouTube Live.

1st Night: Thursday, December 10

7:00 pm Neighborhood Connections Candle Lighting
Join us as we gather together to light the first Hanukkah candle. There will be a chance to better get to know community members who live in your neighborhood.
We look forward to celebrating the Festival of Lights with you.

2nd Night: Friday, December 11

8:00 am PJ Library Presents Breakfast and Story Time with Cantor Ilan
7:00 pm Hanukkah Shabbat with Consecration

3rd Night: Saturday, December 12

7:00 pm “Havdalakah & Pajamakah” Celebrate Havdalah in your pajamas for the 3rd night of Hanukkah

4th Night: Sunday, December 13

5:00 pm Drive-In Candle Lighting & Songs with your TBE family
5:30 pm Family Friendly Hanukkah Comedy Show
One Night Only! You’re invited to see the The L.A.tkes Improv Comedy troupe. It’s an evening of Hanukkah fun and laughter you won’t want to miss! A true Hanukkah miracle! This program is appropriate for all ages.

5th Night: Monday, December 14

7:00 pm Hanukkah Candle Lighting and Conversation with Rabbi Cassi

6th Night: Tuesday, December 15

7:00 pm HannukahPALOOZA with Raffle & Prizes
A night of Hanukkah Music, featuring the Youth & Teen Choirs of Temple Beth El. Our raffle will raise gelt for our TBE Youth Programs.

7th Night: Wednesday, December 16
7:00 pm Hanukkah Feeding Frenzy
Join Chef Eliot Swartz and Cantor Ilan Davidson in your kitchen as we prepare Hanukkah’s Favorite Sephardic and Ashkenazic delicacies, including homemade latkes & applesauce.

8th Night: Thursday, December 17

Latkes, Vodkas & Dreidels with Cantor Ilan as Emcee. A virtual Hanukkah celebration and dreidel tournament.
6:30 pm Vodka Mixology; learn how to make fabulous unique vodka cocktails.
7:00 pm Music & Candle Lighting with Rabbi Cassi;  bring your latkes to enjoy!
7:20 pm Spin the Dreidel Tournament; an interactive game night for all, families and friends.  Join us as we raise some Hanukkah gelt for TBE.
8:00 pm Prizes awarded

Prizes to choose from

$18 entry fee

  • Big Nick’s gift card for a pizza
  • Gift certificate for Agapantha Jewelry (Dani Paquin)
  • Bibamba chocolates
  • Mrs. Prindables Petit Apple Pack
  • Mrs. Prindables Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzels

$36 (Family gift) and $150 (Rent a Room)

  • Big Nick’s gift card
  • Gift certificate for Agapantha Jewelry
  • Botanic Gardens gift package
  • Mrs. Prindables Hanukkah 4-pack
  • A special stuffed toy for Hanukkah (4 available)

$180 Shamash Sponsor

  • Harry and David gift basket
  • Gift certificate for Agapantha Jewelry
  • Omaha Steaks gift certificate
  • Wine basket of 2 bottles of Judd’s Hill wine, wine accessories, and a chocolate, cheese, and crackers basket from Bristol Farms

Grand Prize

  • 2 Dodgers tickets donated by Andrea Lawrence (date to be agreed on)

AGAPANTHA is minimalist, delicate, layered jewelry made by hand in the South Bay since 2004. Each collection is inspired by and named for the real-life women in designer (and longtime TBE member) Dani Paquin’s life and created with the belief that the right jewelry can transform your look, your attitude, and your confidence.

MRS PRINDABLES is a black family owned business which invented the Gourmet Caramel Apple over thirty years ago using the finest ingredients – orchard-fresh Granny Smith Apples, decadent homemade caramel, premium nuts, and the finest chocolates – to create a truly unique and indulgent gift.

OMAHA STEAKS recently announcedthat television personality Chef David Rose, a famous culinary black chef, has been named as Executive ChefofOmaha Steaks. His culinary leadership role includes original content and recipes, media appearances, and product development input.

BIBAMBA is a husband and wife, Jewish and Black owned small business. Bibamba was built from the ground-up when SGI planted cocoa, plantain, and coffee seeds in 2016. They produce delicious chocolate treats in their own kitchen located in Denver, Colorado.

JUDD’S HILL pioneering vintners, Art (z”l) and Bunnie Finkelstein, began as garage winemakers, and went on to produce legendary wines in the Napa Valley in the 1970’s with the founding of Whitehall Lane Winery. Now, their son, Judd, and his wife, Holly, are at the helm, and Judd’s Hill continues to hand-craft ultra-premium wines with the same heartfelt and intimate style that has been their signature for more than 30 years. Taking an intimate and personal approach to winemaking, their annual production is less than 3,000 cases, making Judd’s Hill one of the smallest production boutique wineries in Napa Valley.

HARRY AND DAVID has a history rich in agriculture and family values. The story started with Samuel Rosenberg, a successful hotel owner in Seattle, Washington. In 1910, Samuel traded his prized Hotel Sorrento for 240 prime acres of pears in Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley. The soon-to-be-named Bear Creek Orchard was later taken over by his two sons, Harry and David Rosenberg. Today, the company continues to grow and plan for the future, developing new ways to capitalize on the Harry and David brand.

BIG NICK’S was founded in 2002 in the heart of vibrant San Pedro. Big Nick’s Pizza has built a great reputation throughout the Southland for both stunningly delicious pizza and quick, efficient delivery. And there is much more to Big Nick’s than just awesome pizza. They have a wide selection of tasty Italian favorites like big, flaky calzones and tasty pastas generously served with your choice of a variety of authentic Italian sauces.