TBE Social Action Committee is Alive and Well

TBE Social Action Committee is Alive and Well

Marla Shwarts, member TBE Social Action Committee

With a change in our clergy leadership, we and our desire to actively pursue social justice activities are pleased to announce how we have made progress over the last several months. Many thanks go to Susan Brooks and Sharyl Holtzman who volunteered to co- chair our group. We are also very pleased that Dani Paquin is our liaison to the temple Board of Directors. Reform Judaism sees Social Justice as an essential tenet and practice as we are obliged to engage in the work of tikkun olam—we are partners in G-d’s work to fix what is broken in our society. With our new leadership we are on our way and we are excited to include our entire TBE Family in this work and share with you the following.

You might ask yourself, “How can I be a part of this work when I don’t like to attend meetings and my time is limited?” We are so glad you have asked this question and here is a brief overview. Over the next four months we will be participating in Family Promise on March 10 and 11. Beyond this specific activity, you will have the opportunity to donate items that will provide access to those less fortunate than we to improve their lives. Again, “how?” you ask and the answer is, finish your doing your taxes, organize your drawers and closets, and see what items you already have that are gently used and would be of real value to the needy stranger. In February we will have collected blankets to help protect people from the cold. In March we will be collecting suit cases for children in foster care who are moved around with nothing more than a garbage bag to hold their meager belongings. In April, we will collect canned foods that will go to the Toberman House Pantry; this activity will coincide with our annual Passover donations of hametz, so no excuses about not doing your spring cleaning and helping others in the process. Now you can see how you can participate as a real mensch from our beloved temple and more than just once!

Members of our committee (and by the way, please consider joining our group any time) participated in the Los Angeles County Homeless Count in January. This was a wonderful way to contribute just a few hours late one night to make a difference for those who live on the streets and sidewalks of our cities. Laurel Perry participated in San Pedro and Marla Shwarts participated in Torrance.

We are looking forward to making our Jewish values a part of the solution to the vulnerable in our greater society. Our privilege is another’s need that we can fulfill. Look for updates each month in the Kol Beit El and engage in the thoughtful practice of being a Jew here at Temple Beth El.