Sisterhood Speaks – September 2019

Getting Involved

Dina Dreizler, Sisterhood President

The gym of life has a free membership.” – Jane Siberry. Well, not quite so with the TBE Sisterhood, but we truly hope you will join us and participate in our strengthening activities and events. Sisterhood is currently engaged in its annual membership drive. Hopefully, you have already received the annual membership renewal flyer and have or soon will be returning it to renew or begin your membership. Your membership will support Sisterhood, its activities, events and scholarships. We hope that not only will you join, but that you will actively participate in events sponsored by the Sisterhood.

In addition, set forth on the membership flyer is a request for you to choose a specific “circle” that interests you and seeks your participation in helping within the “circle” of people willing to assist in organizing a certain event. “Circles” include things such as helping with the annual Membership Dinner, the Community Seder or the Hanukkah Latke Party. Your help can be as small or large as you want it to be. By signing up for a “circle” it is an easy way to flex your participation muscles, get to know other members and get a little more involved at TBE.

But wait there’s more…not only does your TBE Sisterhood membership increase your activity level and help you build community muscles, but it also entitles you to attend the Paid-Up Membership Dinner on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at TBE. This should be a fun time together, eating, talking, laughing, and enjoying a bit of singing with our favorite TBE crooner.

Finally, we were so pleased to have welcomed Rabbi Cassi Kail to TBE and had an opportunity to chat with her at the Welcome Barbecue and Oneg on July 5 and at the Sisterhood-sponsored Welcome Open House on July 21. Further, we are happy to mention that Rabbi Kail plans on attending the Sisterhood Membership Dinner on Tuesday, October 29. If you have not had a chance to meet or chat with her, this is a great opportunity to do so. I look forward to seeing you there or at a different Sisterhood event.