Sisterhood Speaks – October 2019

“Desperately Seeking Susan”

Dina Dreizler, Sisterhood President

For as long as I can remember, and even way before that, the women of TBE Sisterhood have fulfilled an important role at the temple. Not only have they enjoyed being together, but they have supported TBE by taking responsibility for certain functions and events which add to the depth and experience of the community.

For decades these women have ensured the ubiquitous occurrence of many functions and events at TBE. Some of the responsibilities of the Sisterhood include oversight of the weekly Shabbat Oneg, holding of the annual sale of Hamentashen, running of the gift shop and organizing the annual Hanukkah Latke dinner.

The women of Sisterhood have also accomplished various tasks, from the rewarding task of awarding annual scholarships, to assist our children in attending Jewish camp, to the mundane task of ensuring the proper and continued working of the kitchen refrigerator. Each such task supports and enhances our culture, environment and experience at TBE.

The women of Sisterhood have reached out to our community for new involvement, assistance and participation. There are currently five women on the Sisterhood Board who are new (or have less than three years) involvement with serving on the Board.

We believe we have an opportunity for continuing our new growth. We are seeking your ideas, interests, and hopefully involvement to continue this growth. In addition, there are currently specific tasks with which we need assistance. For example, we are seeking a person to serve as Co-Oneg Chair. This person will assist with oversight, tracking and communicating the need for Oneg hosts. In addition, we are also seeking a point person to lead the ‘circle’ that will organize our Community Seder and another person to co-chair the ‘circle’ that will organize the Hanukkah Latke Party. If you have interest in any of these tasks, please mention it to any Sisterhood Board member or feel free to contact me.

The completion of the range of these mundane tasks to wonderful events is only able to continue due to the involvement and support from our membership. It is our hope that through your involvement you will strengthen your connection with other members, help our community continue to grow and experience some joy, laughter and friendship along the way.