Sisterhood Speaks – October 2018

A Word from Sisterhood

Ellie Zamos, Sisterhood Co-President

Since there are three of us serving as Sisterhood president this year, my term in office is almost over. Sandy Pickar will take over November 1. Reva Skoll will bring the year to a close. I think having a team effort as president is a good idea and might even encourage more women to accept leadership positions in the future.

When I joined Temple Beth El in 1970, there were two Sisterhoods. There was a group of senior age women and a younger group of women. The younger group was mostly mothers of pre-school and school-aged children. Dues were $5 per year. At the time, my two children were 7 years and 4 years old. I noticed the younger women were the active Sisterhood members and in charge of the programs. Once a month, they hosted a luncheon in the social hall for the senior Sisterhood members. There were three or four senior members who had daughters who were members of the younger Sisterhood. I found this amazing and thought what a nice relationship there was between the two groups. I have been a Sisterhood member ever since.

Today, our Sisterhood is led mostly by senior age women, although this year, the Board is fortunate to have three “younger” officers. I hope this is the beginning of a trend. Temple membership and Sisterhood membership have declined every year as people move from the area or pass away or choose not to affiliate. There are more women working outside the home today than were 50 years ago. It is a challenge to get new temple members even with lower or free membership dues.

I do not know the solution to this dilemma, but what I do know is Temple Beth El is the “little temple that could.” TBE offers programs and events that appeal to all ages. Our Sisterhood is a caring group and willing to do what it can to support our youth and our temple as much as possible. If you have not joined Sisterhood yet, please do. We need members who are both “younger” and “older.”