Sisterhood Speaks – October 2017

A Word from Sisterhood

Carole Lebental, Sisterhood President

As we launch into a new year, we engage in an introspective review of our gains and losses, joys and sorrows, accomplishments and failures of the past year. We do this not only in our personal lives, but also in our organizational  lives.

We’ve accomplished a good deal during the past year. Sisterhood Scholarships helped our young people attend camps, leadership and educational trainings. Sisterhood contributed to the Temple’s operating funds with our yearly commitment, plus additional funds for the Building Campaing. We’ve had interesting programs and enjoyable activities. We’ve produced a Hanukkah party, a Passover Seder, and sold hamentaschen. We’ve supported the WRJ’s YES Fund. The TBE Sisterhood Gift Shop is renewed and beautiful. Our two book clubs continue to thrive, and Knit ‘n’ Stitch is being revived starting this month.

When Gail Burch brought to our attention the need for a “Caring Community” committee to help TBE members in need, we realized that we needed this. The Bereavement Committee is to be a part of the Caring Community. (Little did I realize that I would be an early, grateful recipient of its help.) Frankee Victor has done an exemplary job in supporting grieving families for many years as chair of the Bereavement Committee. The “Caring Community” committee will be able to expand upon this. The Caring Community will be able to assist TBE members in a variety of ways. We are still in the process of implementing this program.

We also realized that our activities need to be fun, not just fund raising. We strive to appeal to women of all different ages and provide a wide age range of activities and interest groups. We want to grow our Sisterhood active membership and we’re delighted to have three new Board members this year. This is so important, as most of the Board members have been active for many years, and a large number are past Sisterhood presidents! We would be more than happy to “pass the baton” to the next generation.