Sisterhood Speaks – November-December 2018

Sisterhood Triad

Sandy Pickar, Sisterhood Co-President

A belated Shana Tovah to everyone!

Those reading this column who are not in Sisterhood might not know that we decided to try something new. This year, we are a triumvirate of Presidents. You all know about Gale Swartz and Eric Imley as TBE Co-Presidents. But that’s a little different because they are “tag-teaming” all the way through.

No, we are doing it our own way. There are three of us, Ellie Zamos, Reva Skoll and myself, Sandy Pickar, are sequentially taking on the Presidency. We have all held this office before. Ellie, I believe, had the hardest job as it was she who put things in motion and revved things up as the new Board took over from the old. Now it’s my turn.

We three are each in office for four months. My stint begins just as you are receiving this publication. I will be in office until the end of February. Reva takes the helm in March.

By the time you read this, Sisterhood will have delighted you with our annual Paid-Up Membership Dinner with plenty of shmoozing and good food! For those who attended WRJ Pacific District Convention in San Diego, I hope this was an enriching experience for you.

Coming up (on my watch) is Mah Jongg Day, on Thursday, November 9. It is chaired once again by Marilyn Schimmel along with her team. I’m on her committee so I can tell you she’s pulling out all the stops to give everyone a marvelous day! If you haven’t already done so, please make a reservation.

Then, on Saturday, December 8, everybody’s favorite, Sisterhood’s Hanukkah Latke Party. Having stepped down from Presidential duties, Ellie Zamos is Chairing this event. There will not be a column in December (this is it!) so I am reminding you to send in your reservations promptly. Follow the RSVP instructions on the enclosed flyer.

There are many more activities from Sisterhood coming up in 2019 which we will talk about next time, but I just wanted to finish with a new series of programs for three upcoming Sunday afternoons called Create! Hydrate! Fill Your Plate! (Isn’t that a cute name?) There was one in October and the next one is coming up in January. Check for it.

See you soon…