Sisterhood Speaks – November 2017

A Word from Sisterhood

Carole Lebental, Sisterhood President

Temple Beth El’s focus on the arts could not come at a more appropriate time. We need uplifting from the morass of disasters and bad news. This year has had it all: hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, wars, massacres, suffering refugees and mass starvation. My email inbox is full of political bad news and urgent pleas for money. (They don’t say how the money would alleviate the problem! ) How’s your inbox?

There aren’t too many ways to escape the constant depressing news. Music and art, books, sports, mind sports, (e.g. bridge and Mah Jongg), domestic animals. It’s been my observation that owners of cats and dogs are able to experience comfort from their pets. In fact, a comfort dog is now an official service dog for purposes of airplane flights.

Sisterhood wants to provide some relief from the difficult times. We have the Book Club, Mah Jongg Day, the Hanukkah Latke party, and now Knit ‘n’ Stitch has re-started. We’re very fortunate that the Jewish culture has always promoted the value of joy and happiness, and has always been forward-looking. Being of help to others is also a proven antidote to sadness and pessimism. Our Caring Community committee is seeking the volunteers needed to initiate new services and would be a great way to enhance your positive feelings, mood and self-esteem!