Sisterhood Speaks – June – July 2018

A Word from Sisterhood

Endings are hard. Saying farewell evokes many emotions. When the person to whom we’re bidding farewell is relocating, we have the hope to see them again and keep them in our lives — even at a distance. We wish both Rabbi Chuck and Debi Rowe great success in their next endeavors.

When we say farewell to a job or position, even a voluntary one, we have ambivalent feelings. I’m happy to pass on to the next Sisterhood co-presidents the responsibilities of this job — but in a way I’ll miss it. I will continue to be active in Sisterhood, and will not be saying “goodbye” to the friends I’ve come to know and rely upon for the past three years. My hope and expectation is for a passing of the torch to younger women who are the future of Temple Beth El and the Sisterhood. Our affiliation with WRJ also provides training and guidance for Sisterhood leaders.

I’ve observed that many women are very happy to work on committees and projects, but are reluctant to be at the helm. There could not be an easier group for which to head a committee or event than our Sisterhood because virtually everyone is willing to assist. The Passover seder was a perfect example. Had not Jodi Davidson stepped up to chair the event, it would have been cancelled, as no other woman was willing to do so. Jodi discovered that she had all of the help she needed and the event went smoothly. Thanks, again, Jodi.

This past year we’ve focused on programs that are enjoyable. Those included the Comedy Club outing, Paint and Nosh, the Garden Tour, the Still-Got-It Gym presentation, the Hanukkah Party, etc.   We’ll be discussing other enjoyable programs, including a possible Pacific Coastal group cruise. Our Book Club is a great source of intellectual stimulation, and a means to get to know other participants at a greater depth. We’ll expand, as possible, our Caring Community capabilities. Good ideas are always welcome.

Our primary purpose at Sisterhood is to assist the TBE community with raising funds to provide for youth scholarships, camperships, and general operating costs of TBE. We support the YES Fund, which supports the training of rabbis and cantors and provides youth scholarships. We provide personal assistance to those who need it, and participate in social action. We raise funds through our Gift Shop, hamentaschen sales, events, membership dues, calendar ad sales, and a host of other endeavors.

In researching other synagogues, I have learned that many no longer have a Sisterhood. This can happen when there is insufficient willingness to lead and participate. The special dividend to the women who participate in TBE Sisterhood are the relationships they make with other women.