Sisterhood Speaks – June 2020

“Plan B”

Dina Dreizler, Sisterhood President

In every country around the world, the lives of people are affected by COVID-19 and the government-ordered shut downs. We turn on the news and watch tragic stories of loss, heartbreak and suffering. We also turn on the news and watch the best of humanity. Love, caring, generosity, selflessness, and humor. We do our best to hold on, support ourselves, our community, and each other.

Of course, the plans of Sisterhood were changed by the pandemic. But, with a little help from technology and some flexibility, we have continued to be together, to work together, and to have some fun. With the support and effort of Cantor Ilan Davidson, our Board meetings and Krav Maga program with speaker Hadas Nuriel occurred via ZOOM. Much thanks to Cantor for his time and skill in setting up the ZOOM meetings. They weren’t always pretty, as newly-used technology can be challenging, but we had a laugh or two and thoroughly enjoyed our virtual visiting with each other. A big thanks goes out to Hadas Nuriel for speaking at our program. The information she shared about Krav Magav and her life in the Israeli army were fascinating. An additional thank you to Allison Brandt and Lisa Weiss for setting up the program.

Further, this year we held the vote to approve the proposed slate for the Sisterhood Board by email. Thank you to Carrie Hernandez for her time and work in accomplishing this task. As a result, the membership approved the proposed slate for next year’s Board as follows:

President – Dina Dreizler
Executive VP – Sandy Pickar
V.P. Membership – Rose Kolas
V.P. Programs – Lisa Weiss
Recording Secretary – Phyllis Burch
Corresponding Secretary – Noemi Carpio
Treasurer – Linda Belzer
Parliamentarian – Carole Lebental

Finally, we look forward to a time when we can be together in person at TBE. For now, we continue to be together via ZOOM, phone calls, and email. We are working on plans for next year, with the knowledge that Plan B or Plan C may need to be created and implemented. We will continue to work together and hope that you will join us in the future.