Sisterhood Speaks – June 2019

Another Year

Reva Skoll, Sisterhood Co-President

June 2019, where has this Sisterhood year gone? So much has happened. Wonderful programs: Maj Day, Create, Hydrate & Fill Your Plate, The Cruise, Tributes and Uniongrams being sent, the beautiful Calendar, The Book Club, the Circle of Service Luncheon, The Sisterhood Campership donations that this year are sending eight of our youth to different Jewish Camps, and most recently the wonderful Community Seder with 99 people in attendance. I won’t mention names, as I don’t want to leave any of our hard working women’s names out. You know who you are and your three co-presidents; Ellie Zamos, Sandy Pickar and myself can’t thank you enough.

Voting was conducted during May on your new Sisterhood Board of Directors for the 2019–2020 year. The prospective list is below. Approval of your new Board will be confirmed at our annual End of Year Dinner & Meeting on Tuesday, June 4 at 6:00 p.m. at Think Café and all are welcome to attend.

On behalf of Sisterhood, I want to thank Rabbi Kohn for continuing to keep our congregation in good strength and wishing him and Susan all the best in their new location. And as my time as one of your co-presidents comes to an end, I want you to know it has been an honor to be part of Your Sisterhood for all these many years and I shall continue to be.

Remember — Sisterhood in Action

Proposed Slate for 2019-2020 Sisterhood Board:

President—Dina Dreizler

V.P. Membership—Helene Chinowsky

V.P. Programs—Allison Brandt and Lisa Weiss

Recording Secretary—Phyllis Burch

Corresponding Secretary—Noemi Carpio

Treasurer—Linda Belzer

Parliamentarian—Carole Lebental