Sisterhood Speaks – June 2017

A Word from Sisterhood

Carole Lebental, Sisterhood President

Our new slate of officers will be installed June 9. Some new Sisterhood members have stepped up to assume leadership roles on the Sisterhood Board. All of the hard-working Board members are delighted about that!

We are sad to bid farewell to Rhea Zaks, who has been a stalwart member of our Board—a real go-to person. She’s moving to Northern California to be closer to her family.

This year has been full of occasions in our TBE community. Sisterhood members have either sponsored or contributed to all of them. We’re looking forward to another event-filled fiscal year, which starts in July. We’ll be contacting each woman member of TBE, as well as the women who are Sisterhood-only members. Some of them are members of other synagogues and want to participate in our Sisterhood activities. We’ll ask each woman to indicate what events or activities she would like to work on and any ideas she may have about adding activities she would be interested in.

One idea we’re considering is to have a monthly or bi-monthly “Women’s  Night Out”, with games, activities or excursions. We’d like to involve more women in enjoyable social activities.

Our first Sisterhood Program will be August 8 at 7:30 pm. We’re inviting men as well as women to this program as the subject applies equally to both—physical fitness. We’ll have an expert, Bruno Perron, who specializes in this niche field. He’ll describe how to achieve or maintain fitness after one is 50. He’ll use power point and demonstrations to show how core strength, balance and stability can be developed, and how this will prevent falls. This is so important because one third of adults over 60 fall each year—often with serious, even fatal, consequences. This can be prevented.