Sisterhood Speaks – January 2017

A Word from Sisterhood

Carole Lebental, Sisterhood President

Resilience may be the most important quality that individuals, organizations and nations must possess to continue to thrive. Being resilient requires acknowledging and dealing with the new normal. We are aware of that in our personal lives and in our organizational lives. In our personal lives, an illness or accident, birth or death, can upend all routines and plans. In the societal realm we face an ambiguous future with a new political regime. We are dealing with issues that we believed had been settled long ago. The divisiveness among our populous, and the loss of civil discourse and mutual respect looms large, with groups being singled out with venom by segments of the population previously not emboldened. As Jews, we know that when anyone’s rights are threatened, all of our rights—and maybe our existence—are threatened.

As the year draws to an close, and days grow shorter, we are reminded of the passage of time. We morn the loss of women who have been important in the life and functioning of our Sisterhood. Yet, we are resilient. Others will step forward to assume their roles. Our calendar still comes out. Our holiday celebrations and fund raisers will continue. We will continue to see our Temple Beth El community and our Sisterhood grow, and to celebrate the life cycle events of our young people.

The support of a group of caring individuals contributes to one’s personal resilience. Please consider joining us and experience the satisfaction of being of help to our Temple Beth El community, and, perhaps, finding personal support.