Sisterhood Speaks – February 2018

What We Have Planned

Sandy Pickar, Sisterhood Co-President

So, we are right in the middle of Sisterhood’s year with quite a number of events behind us and still quite a few to go. We are in the midst of Create! Hydrate! Fill Your Plate! In January Eliot Swartz taught us how to make some tasty dishes; next time we will all turn into “artists.” So come, make friends and have some fun with us.

February is also the time for our annual Circle of Service Luncheon. We enjoy a meal together, gossip and have fun with friends, but also listen to the future. We learn about the plans and aspirations of a young (female) rabbinical student. We always come away from these occasions with great feelings of optimism. It will be particularly relevant this year as TBE welcomes the first female rabbi in its own history. February is also the month when Sisterhood prepares for the coming festival of Purim by selling hamantaschen. Please support us!

Finally, in March of this year, Sisterhood is trying another first. Our fund-raiser this year is a week-long cruise up and down the California coast with a dip into Mexico. The dates of the cruise are March 10–17. Contact Barbara Matles or Barbara Riker for details. There is still time to make this booking and have a marvelous week.

I’ll leave the details about the rest of Sisterhood’s plans to my pal and co-president, Reva Skoll, who will be taking over this column, and the leadership of Sisterhood, in March.