Sisterhood Speaks – February 2018

A Word from Sisterhood

Carole Lebental, Sisterhood President

As you read this, the new year of 2018 will already be underway. What will it bring to you—and all of us?

We can anticipate changes—lots of changes. Change is unsettling, energy consuming, and brings with it uncertainty, risk, and loss of the comfort of familiarity.

The changes are on multiple fronts—national, international, and local. Nationally, there have been huge changes with the tax structure, the environmental laws and regulations, the immigration law enforcement, the consumer protections, and the general climate of incivility. Internationally, there have been threats of nuclear war. Locally, we are dealing with homelessness on an unprecedented  scale.

It’s difficult to understand why there is a focus of protest upon Israel and the West Bank Arabs and their land dispute, when millions of Yemeni people are starving and dying of cholera, Roghinges are starving and being enslaved in Myanmar, and Houthis are being driven from their homes. Horrific reports of the perils of Africans trying to escape from their countries persist. The only explanation that makes sense to me is antisemitism as there is no comparison in the resulting distress to the victims.

We will face changes in our professional leadership at Temple Beth El. We will continue to thrive as we are well able to cope with change. We know what are the most important things in our lives:

Relationships: and a feeling of belonging. This is different from tribalism or identity politics. We are a diverse group in Temple Beth El and Sisterhood. Yet, we all belong.

Respect: We listen to each others’ opinions and values and do not dismiss ideas that do not fit into our preconceived beliefs.

Fairness: We believe that justice is equated with fairness to all.

Health: We know that this is a precondition for the pursuit of happiness.

Enthusiasm: We know that life would be dull without this.

Accomplishment: This is something that all of us need to feel.

Spirituality: savoring our traditions and heritage. Welcoming the stranger.

We invite all the women of Temple Beth El to join with us in participating in the Sisterhood events. We’re enthusiastic about being a real help to our Temple community and to make a difference in the lives we touch. Our efforts fund scholarships, Camperships, community events, oneg Shabbat, and the TBE kitchen. Our gift shop, calendar, hamentaschen sales, and fund raisers allow us to do this. We provide many important functions such as The Caring Community, Tributes, and Golden Grams and social action.