Sisterhood Speaks – December 2017 – January 2018

A Word from Sisterhood

Carole Lebental, Sisterhood President

We, as do all living things, appreciate consistency, stability, and predictability, or homeostasis. We also crave change, excitement, and novelty. If an organization is to be successful, it must operate in an environment of dynamic change, but also meet the members’ needs for stability.

We in Sisterhood try to do this. The consistency element is the need to fulfill our mission by sponsoring events to celebrate holidays, raise funds, and provide service to the TBE community. The calendar of Jewish holidays, as well as the calendar of national holidays, is ever constant. The change or novelty elements are the different ways we accomplish our mission. Our programs have both consistency and novelty. We regularly have a League of Women Voters discussion of ballot issues for general elections. We have a Circle of Service luncheon each year with a student from the Hebrew Union College speak of his/her experiences in studying to be a rabbi or cantor. Our other programs are varied, e.g. Jazz and Swing, Fitness over 50, flower arranging, home security. Our fund raisers vary from year to year. We’ve had three Garden Tours with different themes in past years. We plan another Garden Tour in 2018. We have had an Oscar Party, a rummage sale, and more.

We also plan to provide programs for just pure fun. Perhaps we’ll have Girls Night Out and go to the Comedy Club, or have some game nights. Our Mah Jongg games are mostly for fun, but we usually raise some funds in the process. Our Hanukkah Latke Party also provides fun and funds.

Our Caring Community, our most recent addition, provides a wonderful service to the TBE family. I can personally attest to how they mobilized to help me when my husband died 2 months ago. I shall be forever grateful. We plan to add services such as meal train and transportation to medical procedures for our TBE community when individuals need this type of assistance.

We continue to be a wonderful resource for developing close relationships among women. Sisterhood is vital to TBE by running the Gift Shop, putting out a yearly calendar, selling hamentaschen for Purim, and sending Golden Grams, Union Grams and Tributes to people who are honored by members of our Temple community. Profits from all these endeavors provide the funds for scholarships and camperships for our youth as well as Sisterhood’s annual commitment to the TBE General Fund. We are also involved with Social Action projects.

We welcome all of our Sisterhood members, both new and continuing.