Shabbat Koleinu 6-29-2018

The last Friday night service of the calendar year 2017-2018 was a very special Shabbat Koleinu with visiting musician Rob Aronson, Cantor Ilan, and the Moody Jews band. It was an arousing and inspiring service of new music and sounds we all recognize from our traditional musical Shabbat’s but with a twist. Following the service there was a special ice cream social Oneg hosted by Havurah B’li Shem that was enjoyed by all. Sundaes and great Ben & Jerry’s flavors were served but the star of the show for those brave souls willing to take a chance was vanilla ice cream topped with your choice of drizzles of balsamic vinegars (black cherry, dark chocolate, espresso, and Denissimo ‘very dense’) which added wonderful tangy notes to the ice cream.