Security Update

Safety & Security Update

Linda Rubin

Marla Shwarts

Thanks to the generosity and encouragement of Bob Fenton, security at Temple Beth El remains a priority. Our VP of Operations, Tom Rosenberg, works diligently to improve and maintain the work we are doing with respect to safety and security. He keeps the Board of Directors apprised of what is happening so that we have a keen awareness of this necessary aspect of our temple life.

Tom is following up on a potential grant (California Nonprofit Security Grant) relating to security issues. As part of the application process, Tom arranged for the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) to perform a Vulnerability Assessment of our facility; the assessment took place during the week of November 7th. Of note, their overall opinion is that our temple is in very good shape from a threat assessment standpoint. They were able to identify a few areas that we can improve upon, and those will chiefly form the core of our grant request.

Thank goodness for our Safety and Security Temple Fund to which our members donate to each year when we make our temple commitments. We ordered and programmed panic button fob units for the office and clergy which are now operational. We realized the importance of this added level of safety precautions and were able to make this happen.

We will continue to update you and again, thank you all for your commitment to make our beloved temple a safe and secure place for all of us.