Security Related – November 2019

Security is Coming to Temple Beth El

Bob Fenton and Michael Sherman

Enhanced security is becoming a reality at Temple Beth El in 2019. Changes will be made, some apparent, and others less so. A temporary security committee was formed to address anti-semitic violence by reviewing our policies and procedures and our building’s security to find ways that may mitigate these tragedies.

The committee reviewed multiple documents and recommendations in formulating a “Safety And Security Manual” which addresses new policies and procedures including protocols for “Greeter Responsibilities,” “Physical Assault,” “Office and Staff,” “Torah School,” and “Fire and Earthquake Events.”

Thanks to several donors, changes to the building have been and will be made, including additions of bollards to the west entrance, assault proof windows, a front door monitor to view the handicapped ramp area, reducing visibility of the Sanctuary from the outside, and other less obvious changes. Finally, Friday night Shabbat Services, Torah School, and Special Events are supported now by security guards.

How Might You Participate in These Changes?

Please be patient with staff and volunteers who might ask you questions or provide directions in case of an emergency. We would ask you to wear your name badge, remain aware of your surroundings when exiting the Temple, only enter and exit through the front door, while avoiding holding it open, moving quickly and ensuring it is securely locked when closed. Also, please consider offering your services to be a greeter.

We request that you consider thinking defensively in reporting any unusual activity or suspicious behavior as the safety of the Congregation is a major concern of us all. Thank you for your cooperation!