Screening of “Duty Free” & Conversation with the Filmmaker

Screening & Conversation with Mother & Son/Filmmaker of the film “Duty Free”

Held July 11, 2021 with Introduction & D’var Torah by Rabbi Cassi

After a 75-year-old immigrant mother, Rebecca Danigelis, gets fired from her job, she is devastated emotionally and financially, her son Sian-Pierre takes her on an adventure to help her reclaim her life. As she struggles to find work, he documents a journey that uncovers the economic insecurity shaping not only her future, but that of an entire generation. Ageism and financial insecurity in America are pervasive. Older folks are invisible in their communities, workplaces, and, sometimes, within their own families. Duty Free examines ageism, the care crisis, and economic insecurity in America. Please join us for the screening of this incredible film with a special discussion featuring Rebecca and Sian-Pierre. This program has been generously underwritten by one of our congregants, but we are asking for an $18 voluntary donation if you are able. Please email Shoni for check and on-file charges or pay online. Thank you for your donation.