Rabbi’s Review – November-December 2018

What Can We Expect?

Rabbi Douglas Kohn


Dear Friends,

We have moved from the Fall season of Jewish festivals and Holy Days to the Fall season of secular festivals and Holy Days. But, more importantly, we have moved into the middle of this year of change, review and transition at Temple Beth El. When the next Kol Beit El arrives at your door, or your inbox, this Temple year will be half over. We will be shifting again to address what comes next, as opposed to addressing where we are. This may seem a bit disconcerting or even troubling, but to me, it is exciting. It should mean that our work is progressing, and so too, are we and our dear Temple progressing.

What can we expect? Commonly, there are a number of possible experiences.

We could feel an excitement—as our clergy search efforts begin to yield focus and energy, and even excitement.

We could feel some urgency—as we are wondering what next year and the next few years will look like, and we are concerned if we are preparing ourselves for those shifts.

We could feel some nostalgia—if we are struck that TBE’s tomorrow is not appearing like TBE’s yesterday, and that our passions are rooted in what was.

And, we could feel some anticipation—if further new beginnings appear on the coming horizon.

And…the middle of this year allows us a fulcrum—a position of looking in many directions, and reviewing our congregational community. It also offers an energetic, fertile place to imagine, create, experiment and even play, as we explore possibilities.

This is a great time to be at Temple Beth El!