President’s Post – May 2019

Hearing Voices

Eric Imley & Gale Swartz, Co-Presidents

While we’re not ready to make a detailed announcement quite yet, there has been a ‘Leadership Development” committee that has been working hard over the last several months. The purpose of this committee is obvious by the name, however, there are many different ways to look at our congregation and its leadership future. We find these meetings always to be fun and inspirational because everyone around the table shares the same vision of making TBE better and stronger for the future.

At one meeting last month, Cantor Davidson brought up a metaphor he had heard about another way to look at a temple community. Paraphrasing, he said, “Temple communities could be seen as a mall.” There are a few big anchor stores (fundamental functions, like High Holy Days, Shabbat Services, Torah School) and also boutiques (programs and activities), a few restaurants (dinners and events) and some places to meet. If one needs something at one of the boutiques, they’ll probably be near one of the anchor stores. And vice versa, after shopping at the department stores there might be a need for a little nosh, forcing a walk by the boutiques. Sometimes, and some people, might walk right into whatever store they need at the mall, buy that thing they know they can only get at that one store and walk out (e.g. High Holy Days) without ever looking around and seeing what else might be there.

At this year’s Annual Meeting on May 31 at 7:00 p.m., we have decided to experiment with a new format. Instead of the Presidents and VP’s giving speeches about how each one of our “department stores” and boutiques are doing; the reports are going to be done in writing. Per our bylaws, we will be having elections and approve the budget. We will use the rest of our time together in active conversation talking about the infrastructure of “our mall.” We will hear about our updated security plan, discuss what to with our broken elevator, and hear some new ideas about growing our community. The newly elected Board of Directors will synthesize these discussions into the policies that will shape how we tackle the issues that face us in the next fiscal year and beyond. We have some ideas and possible plans ready to go on all of these topics, however, we need to hear from the entire community about your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

TBE is really a community made up of the ideas of its members which are realized through action. Your input is very important to this process and together we will all do “what’s best for Temple Beth El!” Following the Annual Meeting, we will of course, as is our tradition, enjoy pie and coffee while the votes are being counted. To be successful, everyone’s voice needs to be heard. Whether you’re an ‘annual meeting regular’ or not, please strongly consider joining us this year and make your voice be heard.