President’s Post – March 2018

An ‘E-ticket’ Ride to the Future

Eric Imley & Gale Swartz, Co-Presidents

As you all know by now, TBE is seeking both a settled Educator and an interim Rabbi. Each search is being run by a separate committee and in parallel, a huge task indeed! The Board of Directors directed that our Educator Search Committee search for a permanent, settled Educator, not an interim Educator. This decision was based upon the desire for stability for our Torah School students and their parents, as well as to continue the educational excellence for our adult community. The Educator Search Committee is chaired by VP of Education, Linda Gren, supported by the Board of Education. Their work has already begun; we are happy and proud to say that they’ve hit the ground running!

We have been awed and humbled by the number of congregants who have stepped up and participated in both of these searches. Dealing with two major changes at the same time might be a strain on less cohesive congregations, but not for us! We don’t want to minimize the effect that these changes have and we are sensitive to the insecurity and uncertainty that change brings. Despite how difficult this transition may feel, we can see how our community is already rising to the challenge.

Some will find this process stressful, afraid that what they see as vital in our community may disappear. Others, who love the thought of the future as a time of infinite exploration, may find it exciting. Most of us are somewhere in the middle, and maybe feel both extremes at different times. Bringing everyone’s energy together will continue to ensure that we are a vibrant, loving community focused on our shared core values. Change is rarely easy and to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, “what is not hard may not be worth doing”.

Our 96-year-old congregation is strong and healthy, though we have our share of challenges. We have a balanced annual budget for the second year, a fully-funded endowment, a beautifully remodeled building, a reinvigorated Youth Committee, excellent working relationships between the Temple’s Professional and Administrative staff and the Board of Directors. We have a strong partnership with our TBE Sisterhood. Our congregational family exudes warmth and inclusiveness and truly loves being together whether it’s to work, learn, mourn, celebrate or just hang out socially. We kvell in the accomplishments of our youth, our strong commitment to social justice, the quality of our adult learning, our affiliation with Jewish Camping and NFTY. We are well known at the Union of Reform Judaism national level, are frequently used as an example of success and have earned the moniker of ‘the little congregation that could’!

“Let’s all buckle our seat belts; we are in for an ‘E-ticket’ ride into the future!