President’s Post – July 2021

Lay Leadership Matters

Linda Rubin

Marla Shwarts

July is the month we reflect upon our temple’s lay leadership who were voted into office at the Annual Meeting on June 2nd and installed at a beautiful and thoughtful Havdalah Service on June 12th. We are pleased that our officers include VP Education Dani Paquin, VP Finance Marvin Belzer, Secretary Reva Skoll, VP Member Engagement Linda Herman, VP Member Outreach Andrea Lawrence, VP Operations Tom Rosenberg, and Members at Large Scott Allen, Matthaniel Cowell, Jessica Feldman, Tina Gross, Bob Gold, Peter Herwitt, Ken Pickar, and Keith Small, Sisterhood Rep Barbara Brickman, SPeTY Rep Lillian Imley, MENsch Club Rep Jamie Lowenstein, Endowment Rep Linda Herman, and Past Co-Presidents /  Parliamentarians Eric Imley and Gale Swartz. Linda Rubin and Marla Shwarts are honored to serve as your temple Co-Presidents.

Lay leadership matters. The work is holy as our rabbis have explained. It is a responsibility taken seriously and with a genuine sense of respect and appreciation for one another and for this amazing community. Fiscal responsibility is our duty and with it comes the caring and sensitivity for every single member of our TBE Family. Everyone is included, everyone matters, and everyone counts.

The simple definition of lay leadership is service – service to this amazing spiritual home and this community of warm, caring, and welcoming people. Service is a means of supporting and giving back to others as we create memories and meaningful moments on behalf of Temple Beth El. Service means we can practice our personal choices in how we perform and reinforce the Jewish value of doing mitzvot in a place that honors and provides for the well-being of others. We wrote last month that volunteering “makes TBE better and it makes you feel better too” and this is the backbone of our current lay leaders for sure. Let us also remember all the members of our various committees and their chairpeople who work tirelessly for the betterment of our TBE Family and for those outside our community with a commitment and value to social action.

Our call this coming year beginning in January, 2022 is to celebrate all year long TBE’s 100th birthday and what that means in our journey of commitment and sustaining our beloved temple. It is a blessing to think of our temple’s longevity and to appreciate it. It is especially wonderful to note that, because of the extraordinary time commitment from all of our volunteers, TBE is healthy and happy as we begin planning for this centennial year of celebration. You are all encouraged to be a part of the planning, creating, promoting, and participating in what will be a spectacular year of celebration and gratitude.

Yes, lay leadership is service. The partnership among our clergy, our staff, and every volunteer is really how service works and how lay leaders can lead with strength and devotion. We remain grateful for all this service and what it means for Temple Beth El.