President’s Post – July 2020

Practices and Commitments

Linda Rubin

Marla Shwarts

Before anything else, we must say it is an absolute honor and privilege to be given this opportunity to serve you, our precious Temple Beth El family as your Co-Presidents. We are grateful to Gale Swartz and Eric Imley for their strong leadership and service as Co-Presidents for the last three years. They have courageously led TBE through two rabbinic searches. The first for an interim rabbi and the second for our settled rabbi. They have helped navigate financial difficulties, added security upgrades, and most recently, helped us secure a PPP grant that will assist in giving us some financial stability during the COVID-19 pandemic. For these and so much more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As a bit of an introduction, Linda has been a TBE member since 1989. She has served on the Board of Education and has been our Temple’s Librarian. Most recently she has served as our Temple’s VP, Membership Engagement.

Marla has a long history of service to Temple Beth El. She joined in 2003 and served as President from 2011-2014 and has found Temple Beth El to be one of the best gifts of her life.

Linda and Marla have served together on our Board of Directors for several years and share a mutual admiration and deep affection for our beloved Temple. We look forward to collaborating on many temple projects.

We both share a belief that the cornerstone of every discussion, every decision needs to be the question “what is best for TBE?” We will practice kavanah – doing the sacred work of Temple Beth El with intention. Jewish values will be our guiding light. We will continue the practice of tikkum olam and encourage TBE’s continued commitment to social action. We are committed to continued fiscal responsibility in order to ensure the future of this, our spiritual home. We are proud of and continue to support TBE’s history of excellence and diversity of programs and religious services. We are proud of and continue to support TBE’s goal to grow our inclusiveness and support of interfaith families, the LGBTQ community and Jews of color.

As leaders, we rely on each of you to assist us in making TBE’s mission statement a reality. “Walk through our doors and feel our warmth. Be yourself and be embraced by people who are caring, nurturing, and supportive. Learn with us. Pray with us. Sing with us. Play with us. Eat with us. Laugh and cry with us. Pursue justice with us. Join us in challenging and inspiring one another to seek answers together. Come home to Temple Beth El where new friends are waiting to welcome you.”

The continued success of Temple Beth El will be achieved as we all commit to working together in keeping Temple Beth El the temple to which people want to be a part.