President’s Post – January 2022

Let It Rain, Let Us Celebrate

Linda Rubin

Marla Shwarts

The G’vurot prayer we recite at services during the winter months includes the line mashiv haruach umorid hagashem which acknowledges the praising of G-d as the source of the blessing of rain –“let the wind return and let the rain fall.” This is a thoughtful and meaningful phrase as we enter this seemingly on-going dry spell in our area and where there is an emphasis in our recognition that we need some rain – not too much, just enough to dampen these parched soils and souls it seems. We say this line in our liturgy right after Sukkot and the first day of Pesach. Thank goodness this dry spell relates to our weather and not to the business of Temple Beth El where no matter the weather, we celebrate and work toward sustaining our beloved spiritual home.

We all know the importance of rain and its imperative as a nurturer and sustainer. And we also know that it is up to each of us to step up and volunteer to serve our community. In no small way we demonstrate the potential that rain represents; we do what is necessary to make our blessed Temple Beth El succeed and survive. This secular month of January offers the opportunity to create new beginnings and to make commitments attributed to ourselves, to others, and to our world. Each of us does all this in our own ways.

January 2022 marks the commencement of our year-long celebration of our 100th birthday! Ten decades – years of growth and maturation, years of becoming, years that adapted to changes in the world and the community, years that supported and nurtured tradition, and years that underscore the pride we have in our spiritual family. Temple Beth El is filled with blessings, blessings that encompass people’s energy, people’s thoughtfulness, people’s generosity, and people’s devotion to tikkun olam.

There is an excitement in the air not just as we look forward to rain, but as we celebrate and re-evaluate our goals and anticipated achievements. Your lay leaders are going to participate in a Visioning Project that will guide us all and will develop goals that will continue the best of who we are as well as who we want to become. We will be doing an extra bit of volunteer overtime to accomplish this task with the guidance of the URJ and Rabbi Cassi. We will make this exercise meaningful and relevant to all that is important to our community.

Excitement, celebration, and devoted energy – here we go. Rain, come on down and let us be enriched by nature and our commitments to Temple Beth El. Happy Year Long Birthday celebration to us!