President’s Post – January 2021

What Inspires You?

Linda Rubin

Marla Shwarts

Where do you find inspiration from your life at Temple Beth El? What helps you to stay connected to our TBE family, our community, and our faith traditions? Doing tikkun olam and social-action activities? Learning from Rabbi Cassi’s sermons? Studying Torah weekly? Encouraging your children and grandchildren as they participate in Torah School? Attending temple Zoom events like Cantor’s Corner? Chatting with Rabbi Cassi at Coffee Talk? Attending a Meditation Service with Pam Tarlow or a Healing Service? Studying liturgy on a Shabbat morning with Cantor Ilan? Meditating with Chaplain Bonnie? Volunteering with the MENsch Club? Enjoying friends in Sisterhood? Giving tzedakah to maintain the running of the temple? Sharing in the yahrzeit memories of those you care about? Volunteering on a committee like Publicity or Education or Open Tent? Participating in lay-leadership opportunities on the Board of Directors? Walking the trails on Shabbat mornings while learning Torah? Seeking and receiving pastoral support from Rabbi Cassi when times are especially tough or illness strikes? Learning to cook and have loads of fun with Cantor Ilan? Watching and listening to the charming voices of our youth as they sing in Youth Choir? Enabling our children to pursue Jewish Camp experiences? Participating in Adult Education opportunities? Volunteering in the Temple Office under the direction of Carrie and Shoni? Celebrating the High Holy Days and the monthly holidays throughout the year?

You have just read over two hundred words about what happens at our beloved temple during any one year and perhaps we have only touched upon the surface of what is important to you as an individual. It is not so important that you relate to all that is offered to each of us; but rather, our community really loves to participate in activities that define us and inspire us to do more and, in some cases, to do better. No matter our backgrounds or life experiences prior to becoming a part of our spiritual home, we are truly enriched by these inspiring activities as each of us makes our way along our own Jewish journeys. We are blessed and enriched by our interfaith families who not only share in our offerings but add their personal experiences to enrich our lives so we can become truly welcoming Jews without hesitation and with an honest and open acceptance of one another.

We may not be able to fully answer our question on individual inspiration posed here, but we can recognize the importance of what we all do here at Temple Beth El. As congregants, as lay leaders, as clergy, as staff, as learners, and as teachers, it appears we are truly inspired by one another. We’ll make as many peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches as needed to heal a small part of the world! We will continue to learn about one another and the stories about ourselves as we become members of this amazing community! Our inspiration is not exclusive to any age, to any occupational station, or economic status. We are family here at Temple Beth El. We inspire one another.