President’s Post – December 2021

Let’s Celebrate

Linda Rubin

Marla Shwarts

The secular year ends and the secular New Year begins. No surprises here.

Another year to reflect upon and it is also a time to make resolutions again. Something makes this coming New Year particularly special and one that is filled with honor and recognition for our Temple Beth El family. We are going to spend the entire year celebrating the 100 years of Temple Beth El’s existence! Correct, 100 years of going strong and planning for the next 100 years, this is what we are all doing. When one contemplates 100-year- old birthdays we think about the end of a life and how it was lived, but this celebration is not an ending but a real beginning of Temple Beth El’s l’dor v’dor – a look toward the next 100 years and the generations to follow.

So what’s starting to happen? We are blessed with the affable and energetic Bob Gold who is spearheading some ideas to include every person who is or has been a part of Temple Beth El. Once again, the amazing George Mayer has stepped up to help us make some mighty achievements to solidify our years ahead. Lay leadership led by the incredible Linda Belzer is going to lead us in coordinating many of the various activities and events throughout the year. You are thinking of a party, but you ought to think of two parties – one to be held in May (generously sponsored by Andy and Ronnie Kauffman and Eliot and Gale Swartz) and another party to wrap up the year in December. We are also going to take this opportunity during the year to officially install our beloved Rabbi Cassi (the pandemic protocols made us late in honoring her, but we haven’t forgotten how to really welcome Rabbi Cassi), and we are really excited to share our enthusiastic welcome with her.

Here are some very interesting facts that complement our 100 year celebration and how special it is that we have a female rabbi. In 1922, the year that TBE was established was also the year when the CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) passed a resolution allowing women to become rabbis – coincidence? The first female rabbi was ordained 50 years later. We can celebrate this monumental resolution on its 100th anniversary and our 100th anniversary and we can also celebrate the 50th anniversary of women joining the rabbinate.

Now you must be wondering how you can participate in the creating, the planning, and the celebrating of Temple Beth El’s remarkable legacy. Please watch for opportunities in the weekly bulletin and please ask George Mayer and Bob Gold how you can help. Begin to think about your special relationships with TBE from growing up here, to being a part of Sisterhood and the MENsch Club, to being a Torah School student, to getting married here in our sanctuary, to being a part of the renovations of our synagogue over the years, and recollect why you are here in the first place and why you have stayed.

It’s party time!! Let’s celebrate!!