Passover Guide


Your guide for celebrating Passover brought to you by your friends at Temple Beth El

All are welcome to join out Temple Beth El community for any or all of our virtual Passover offerings:

Sunday, March 14, 7-8 pm

Rosh Chodesh Program With Sisterhood

A Month of Spiritual Awakening & Women Heroes

Every Hebrew month has a specific energy. All are welcome to join Sisterhood and the women of TBE as we welcome in the Hebrew month of Nisan. We will reflect on the themes of the month, and the oft-overlooked women heroes within the story of Passover.

Wednesday, March 17, 7-8 pm

Passover Seder 101

Planning your own Passover Seder? Join us for an evening of shared materials and discussion about how to make your Passover Seder meaningful, fun, and delicious.

Sunday, March 21 9:30-10:30 am

JKids Radio Passover Seder

We are pleased to announce the JKids Musical Passover Seder with an unbelievable line-up of top artists in Jewish kids music including Nefesh Mountain, Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, Eliana Light, Shira Kline, Ellen Allard, Rick Recht, Joanie Leeds and Elana Jagoda.

During this highly-interactive seder experience, we’ll sing traditional and contemporary songs, tell the Passover story, and explore the foods on the seder plate, the blessings, the questions, and the highlights of the Exodus – from slavery to freedom.

Saturday, March 27 6-8 pm

Temple Beth El’s 2nd Virtual Community Seder

Here is TBE’s Haggadah for 5781, our 2nd annual – and hopefully last, G-d willing, for another century – virtual Seder “Unlike all others, Again!”

Led by Rabbi Cassi Kail and Cantor Ilan Davidson

Tuesday, March 29 – Sunday, May 16, Daily 8:30 am

Counting the Omer with Rabbi Cassi Kail

From the second day of Passover,  we count the days up to Shavuot, when we will receive the Ten Commandments from God. This period of seven weeks is one of introspection and growth.

Each day, Rabbi Cassi will be and offering a short spiritual teacher. This S’firat HaOmer (counting the Omer) practice will give us the opportunity to mark time, express gratitude, and embark in meaningful contemplation.

This program will be available on Facebook Live and YouTube Live every day at 8:30 am through May 16.

Passover in the Aisles

Look for our Passover brochure in your favorite local grocery supermarket destination! And thank-you to the following community partners for joining us:

  • Albertsons, Western & Westmont, RPV
  • Vons, 1440 W 25th, San Pedro & 600 E Broadway, downtown Long Beach
  • Ralphs, 30019 Hawthorne Blvd, RPV, 2909 Hills Rd, Torrance & 1050 N Western Ave, San Pedro
  • Pavilions, 7 Peninsula Center, Rolling Hills
  • Bristol Farms, Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills
  • Whole Foods, Crenshaw & PCH, Torrance

See more about Passover here, about Passover this year, and see the Haggadah (and other Haggadot) we use during our Passover Seder