Your guide for celebrating Passover brought to you by your friends at Temple Beth El

Look for our Passover brochure in your favorite local grocery supermarket destination! And thank-you to the following community partners for joining us:

  • Albertsons, Western & Westmont, RPV
  • Vons, 1440 W 25th, San Pedro & 600 E Broadway, downtown Long Beach
  • Ralphs, 30019 Hawthorne Blvd, RPV, 2909 Hills Rd, Torrance & 1050 N Western Ave, San Pedro
  • Pavilions, 7 Peninsula Center, Rolling Hills
  • Bristol Farms, Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills
  • Whole Foods, Crenshaw & PCH, Torrance

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Visit Passover 5781 for more information and schedule

Visit the TBE Passover Haggadah (and other Haggadot) we use for our Passover Seders