Parshas and Poetry

(Nina Prays is an editor of our TBE website and maintains the Book-Club posts, schedule, and book reviews, which you can find here.)

The trouble with poetry is that it encourages the writing of more poetry… Billy Collins

“I did not think of poetry when my daughter, Judith, then energetically morphing from a free-spirited filmographer to a just as free-spirited orthodox Jew and web designer, casually suggested, “Mom, let’s do Torah study together.” The year was 2011, she was in Atlanta, studying at the Creative Circus, a design school that fitted her in name and essence. I was a dutiful County employee here in LA. Torah Study seemed like a worthwhile pursuit. I said, YES!

We decided to start a Tumbler blog where each of us would record our thoughts and experiences. Judith quickly fell into a routine of mostly graphic meditations on the text. I started with comments. The Tumbler blog later became a Google blog.

A month or so into the project, poetry started knocking on my skull. Literally. It would start with a rhythm, then an idea, and only afterwards – words. It felt more like a visitation than a creative act.

In 2013 my daughter got married and really busy. So we wrapped up the Torah Study project.

Here is the record of that wonderful yearlong experience:

The poetic visitations stopped. But the experience shed light on a new facet of Torah for me – a glittering collection of poetry for all of us to enjoy.”

– Nina Prays

Judith Prays' Parsha Art