Parashat Vayeilekh

Friday, October 4, 2019 /5 Tishrei, 5779
Parashat Vayeilekh Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30

Dear Friends,

This Shabbat we celebrate Shabbat Shuva, the Shabbat of return. Situated between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, this Shabbat is one of reflection and preparation. In just a few days we will gather to atone for our sins, and to let go of everything that is holding us back from being our best versions of ourselves.

Years ago, Rabbi Sheryl Lewart wrote a poem which beautifully encapsulates the healing power of these holy days. I hope it brings you as much meaning and inspiration as it does me.

May you be able to forgive yourself
and from that place of compassion
offer the same to others.
May you remember that “I’m sorry”
is a prayer and listen in wonder
to the sound of your heart crying.
May you follow a path
that leads to forgiveness
where you walk to the rhythm
of your own strength and courage.
May you feel the whole world
open inside you as you accept and forgive
yourself for being exactly who you are.
May you surround yourself
with life-affirming companions and dear souls
who sustain all the good that is within you.
May the gates of forgiveness
always swing open for you
as you open into humility and compassion.
May the year ahead be sweet
and filled with purpose
as you welcome God’s presence
on your journey. Amen.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Cassi Kail