Open Tent – November 2021

Connecting to TBE Members and to the Community

Doris Jacobson

A very special thanks to the members of our Open Tent committee under the leadership and guidance of George Mayer. Their dedication to Temple Beth El has enabled us to continue to build the relationships that are so very important to our community.

Among the pillars of our Open Tent program is communicating with the members of Temple Beth El and our community.

Through our communications endeavors led by Sharyl Holtzman, TBE’s chair of Marketing and Communications, we are able to share the variety of services and programming that is such an integral part of life at Temple Beth El.

We are also reaching out to welcome new people to the neighborhood! Prior to the high holidays, we sent a “welcome to the neighborhood” postcard to new homeowners within our TBE zip codes. We hope that our message will encourage those wishing to explore our TBE community. The postcard also included a magnet with our logo, contact information and a link to our website and TBE video. We are planning to send another postcard to new residents telling them about our upcoming Hanukkah programming.

We have also visited some of the new housing developments in the community and left brochures about TBE. And once again, prior to the high holidays, we had brochures in the neighborhood groceries. The brochures talked about our services and upcoming events. A special thanks to Karyn Zafran for creating the beautiful brochures. Open Tent continues to reach out, to build relationships and to help engage the members of our community. Through our Neighborhood Connections program, we are helping to strengthen friendships among our neighbors. Through the MENsch Club, we are bringing people together for interesting experiences. And through our relationship with PJ Library, we are helping to bring meaningful books into many homes.

We encourage you to join with us and to share your TBE story with your friends who might be seeking a warm and inviting Jewish community. We look forward to welcoming them!