New-Website-News Post #6

One of the most important things a well-constructed website can do for its users is to make it easy and convenient to find out what is going on in their organization. Our calendar and events page has been re-designed with just that in mind. When you go to Events on the main menu, you will arrive at this newly reconfigured page:

The first thing you will see are all the current announcements in a blue box as above. Lower down on the page will be the 10 next upcoming events for the synagogue and Torah School, followed by our Google calendar:

This list of upcoming events is the same as that on the home page which shows the next 10 events. The Google calendar combines both the temple as well as the Torah School schedules. The default view is in agenda layout, but you can select to view it in a month-by-month format:

If you click on any event in the middle Upcoming Events section, you will arrive at an individual event page for that item with more details and information, often including a map for offsite activities:

Now if you click on the “All Events” link at the top left side as shown below, you will find yourself at another calendar page that is built from our Google calendar and imported into the website daily:

… and here it is, the built-in calendar app for the website:

The default view is by month but you can select to view it in list mode:

… which will lead you to this when selected:

You may also select any month to view this calendar: