MENsch Club – November 2021

MENsch Club

Jaime Lowenstein, MENsch Club Chair

A very special thank you to all those who brought clothing to our MENsch Club clothing drive. We filled up four cars with suits, dresses, shoes, ties, and other items! While being a great opportunity to do a bit of closet cleaning, this was a special mitzvah. The clothing was donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs and will be worn when the “club kids” have job interviews, college interviews and other professional conversations. The response exceeded the MENsch Club’s expectations, and we are very appreciative!

The MENsch Club is planning to organize affinity groups in the future. Among these will be a golfing group. If you are interested in participating, please contact Bunky Victor so that he can keep you informed.

The MENsch Club is dedicated to supporting Temple Beth El. It is our honor to present each B’Mitzvah recipient with beautiful traveling candlesticks. In the future, we hope to raise funds to support the Temple Beth El community in other ways also. Since we began during COVID and all of our programs have been on Zoom, the MENsch Club leadership made the decision that there would be no cost to attend the events at this time.

As Temple Beth El plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary, we ask that you make a commitment of $36 as a MENsch Club member. Your membership support will enable the MENsch Club to further its support of TBE. We look forward to your joining with us at our upcoming programs and as a proud MENsch Club member!

For further information about the MENsch Club, please contact me, Jaime Lowenstein, MENsch Club chair.

To make your payment as a MENsch Club member, please contact Shoni at