MENsch Club – May 2021

Mentoring and “Career Pathing”

Jaime Lowenstein, MENsch Club Chairperson

The MENsch Club has identified service to TBE and its members as one of its pillars. We have created a mentorship program to assist the women and men within our congregation, including high school and college students, who are curious about pursuing a certain career path, need a bit of career coaching, might be in job transition, or need help with resume writing.

Mentors are TBE congregants who have expertise in a variety of professions including Education, Engineering, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, Law, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Science and Research, Social Services, and Technology.

So, here’s how it works. If you would like a mentor, or someone to help you with your “career pathing” contact to Jaime Lowenstein. You will be referred to a mentor. You can contact Rabbi Cassi to be referred to a mentor also.

A shout out to all our TBE high school and college students. If you would like to explore more about a specific career path and would like to speak with someone who is actively working in that field, please let Jaime know and he will connect you.

The MENsch Club is very excited about providing this special service to our TBE members. We have some inspiring and knowledgeable mentors waiting to work with you. And to all TBE men and women who might like to be mentors, please contact Jaime. In addition, Jaime is available to answer any questions you might have about this program.

We know that 2021 will be a year of empowerment!