MENsch Club – August 2021

News from the MENsch Club

Jaime Lowenstein, MENsch Club Chairperson

MENsch Club invites you to become a member!

The MENsch Club invites you to express your support by becoming a member. The MENsch Club is proud to offer programming of interest, to gift our B’Mitzvah recipients with traveling candlesticks, to provide mentorship and career pathing to our community members. Your membership and support will help to strengthen all that we do.

The membership fee is $36 (for the year ending on June 30 2022.) For additional information about the MENsch Club, contact Jaime Lowenstein, MENsch Club chairperson, or For payment, contact Shoni for check and on-line charges. Payment can also be made online.

Golf and Bowl with the MENsch Club

Would you like to join a golf game or a bowling team and share in the fun and camaraderie with members of our community? The MENsch Club is forming affinity groups for those who want to golf and bowl. Interested in golfing? Contact Bunky Victor. Interested in bowling? Contact Peter Herwitt. Once we hear from you, we’ll be in touch. Starting dates will be based on recommendations from TBE’s reopening committee.