Members Musings – March 2017

Member Spotlight

Meet members Laura, Keith, and Adam Small

We are so proud to be approaching our first anniversary as members of TBE! We began looking for a temple about a year ago, and explored a few closer to our home in Torrance before finding the Temple Beth El website. Our email inquiry immediately generated a warm welcome from Rabbi Chuck, Debi, and Marla, and when Rabbi Chuck invited us to come meet with him, we were convinced. We love the energy of the temple and feel so grateful to Rabbi Chuck, Cantor Ilan and Jodi Davidson, Miss Debi, Marla Shwarts, and the many members of the community who have made us feel so welcome and accepted.

Adam loves being part of Torah School, and we are so appreciative of everything that Miss Michelle and Sophia are teaching him about our faith and history. Adam is having a great time being the expert and educating, not only Mom and Dad, but also his half- brothers Kevin and Eric (22 and 17, respectively) in Jewish rituals, holidays, and observances.

We are excited for our first Passover celebration as temple members and look forward to lots of exciting opportunities to participate in the future, including youth choir and Camp Newman for Adam. Music events at the temple are always high on our list, and we hope to participate in a trip to Israel with Cantor Ilan in the future.

When we aren’t engaged with TBE activities, we are busy with the other aspects of our life, which include the beach and surfing (Laura is from Hawaii), Dodger games (Keith is a lifelong fan), hiking, movies, guitar, and playing with our Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Little Miss Sunshine—Sunny, for short—(who was not well behaved enough to appear in our family portrait.)

See you all at temple!