Members Musings – February 2017

Member Spotlight

Three long-time members of Temple Beth El share their “Beth El Stories” and team with Linda Gren (who is in Southeast Asia as of this writing) to chair our upcoming Purim Gala.

TBE is a place where my family feels at home and cherished. My extended family have been members for more than 50 years, and we are privileged to carry on the legacy. I am invested in making TBE even more welcoming and engaging to our congregation. Our Purim Gala is this year’s big fundraiser, and we hope everyone attends this exciting event to have fun, socialize with other congregants, and raise enough money to fulfill TBE’s budgeted fundraising goal.

—Linda Belzer

Temple Beth El has been my spiritual home for almost 30 years. It provides a center of love and support, comfort and camaraderie. The members of TBE are my extended family.

I find that becoming more involved with TBE is providing me with a more meaningful religious experience. As a Board member, I have a better understanding of the workings of the Temple and an opportunity for input. I have a sense of satisfaction in being able to give back and hope I am able to provide the friendship and support I receive.

Our Purim celebration will be a fun-filled evening as we tour Shushan. There will be stalls filled with goods and goodies and people reveling in the street. We will relive the story of Esther as we re-enact the story of the Megillah.

—Linda Rubin

TBE is my spiritual home, where I have raised my family, celebrated joys and sorrows.

My involvement is a way for me to give and give back to our sacred community. I get a lot of personal satisfaction seeing the happiness, joy and spirituality and the difference I can make with my TBE family and as well as in the greater community.

I want this Purim celebration to be a blow-out, kick-butt great party that people will talk about, in a good way, for years to come and also raise much needed funds.

—Gale Swartz