Letter from Debi Rowe

Dear Friends,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve our beloved Temple Beth El over the years. I would never have believed that when I moved to San Pedro decades ago to be closer to the man I hoped to marry (Alan) that this community would remain my home for 30 years.

I am humbled to have been able to help nurture several generations of children, to broaden and deepen adults’ understanding of Hebrew and our traditions, to form close relationships with hundreds of congregants, and, I trust, contribute to the vitality of our community

I am continually amazed–this year in particular that there are eight students in our Torah School who are children of former students of mine at TBE. Equally endearing are the numbers of adults who took on the challenge of learning to read Hebrew with me and formally celebrated becoming bar or bat mitzvah. Every teaching opportunity I’ve had at Temple Beth El has been filled with delightful challenges, joy and excitement.

Nevertheless, I have made the difficult decision to leave Temple Beth El and seek full-time employment elsewhere. This decision is not made capriciously. However, I need to put Alan’s and my needs and best interests at the top of my list of considerations.

I will continue in my current position through the end of June. I will share joys and sadness with you as I have always done.


Debi Rowe