Torah School 5780

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Dear Torah School Families,

Please join us this coming year so our children can strengthen their Jewish identity, explore their connection with the Divine, celebrate Jewish life and Torah, and be a force for healing and justice in the world. Our program will continue to offer an academically meaningful and inspiring curriculum which will enrich our students.

I was excited to be part of our TBE family this past year and look forward to our next year of Torah School together. 
The teachers and I are very motivated to learn more about Judaism along with our students throughout the year. Whether it’s your family’s first venture into Torah School or your tenth, we hope you will join us as we begin this exciting new year together.

Here are some pictures from this year’s Torah School Opening Day:

And here is our Torah School Calendar:

Torah School calendar_2019-20


Please note the dates and events that are for your family and add them to your family’s calendar. Alternatively, you may request to add our Torah School Google calendar to your own electronic calendar system. Just email from the email address to which you would like the calendar sent, and ask that we share the calendar with you.

I look forward to this year’s journey together.

Racheli Morris,

Director of Education