JKids Radio All-Star Musical Passover Seder

A Special Kids Musical Passover Seder with JKids Radio

Sunday, March 21 9:30-10:30 am

We are pleased to be part of this fabulous event to offer our community, The JKids All-Star Musical Passover Seder, with an unbelievable line-up of top artists in Jewish music including Nefesh Mountain, Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, Eliana Light, Shira Kline, Ellen Allard, Rick Recht, Joanie Leeds, and Elana Jagoda.

Get the Passover kit ahead of time at https://www.jkidsradio.com/passoverkit/

And get ready for a highly-interactive seder experience with traditional and contemporary songs, tell the Passover story, and explore the foods on the seder plate, the blessings, the questions, and the highlights of the Exodus – from slavery to freedom.