iEngage 2018 Reboot

Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship

Coming back to Temple Beth El, Cantor Ilan Davidson will be teaching this deep and insightful Shalom Hartman Institute Israel iEngage Course. It will be a dine and learn event from 6:00 to 9:00, so bring your own dinner (drinks & desserts will be provided) and learn with Cantor Ilan.

For information and to enroll, please contact Carrie Hernandez at the Temple Office, or you may e-mail her.

Memory is a central element in defining modern Jewish identity. As we look to Israel’s future, we need to engage anew with our past and explore its meanings and consequences. Through the consideration of major historic moments, this iEngage Project series grapples with the different ideas and values that shape the meaning of modern Israel, Zionism, and Jewish identity today.

This innovative new course explores the pivotal events of 1947 and 1967 – following the 1917 Balfour Declaration – as key moments when Zionism unleashed new thinking about the meaning of Jewishness for generations to come. The course engages Jews in an open and pluralistic discussion about issues of Jewish identity, people-hood, ethics, and theology, as they relate to nationhood, land, sovereignty, Jerusalem, occupation, and moral red lines.

Each session in this eight-unit course includes a 20-35 minute video lecture and a 20-30 minute round-table video discussion with senior Hartman faculty, as well as primary sources and background readings.

Israel’s Milestones and Their Meanings:

The Legacy of the Past and the Challenge of the Future

Unit 1: 1917 – The Balfour Declaration: The Idea of a Homeland for the Jewish People
Unit 2: 1947 – The United Nations Partition Plan: The Jews in the World
Unit 3: 1967 – The Six Day War: Power, Land and God
Unit 4: Judea and Samaria: Occupation or Liberation
Unit 5: One State, Two States: Moral Red Lines
Unit 6: Jerusalem of God, Prayer and Peoplehood
Unit 7: Jerusalem of Responsibility, Loss, and Hope
Unit 8: The Jubilee Year and Beyond: Milestones and their Meanings