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  • Our new Annual Endowment Gift Program provides a way for all congregants to support our short-term fiscal needs and our long-term financial future.

    Any congregant donating $250 or more through this program receives complimentary dedications (in honor of, in appreciation of, in memory of, etc.) that can be used at any time. Gifts of $250 receive seven dedications; gifts of $500 receive fourteen dedications; gifts of $750 receive twenty-one dedications; and gifts of $1000 or more receive thirty complimentary dedications.

    Donors will receive formal acknowledgment of their donation and each dedication will be listed in Kol Beit El, the TBE Bulletin. All donations will be split equally between the Endowment Fund and Keren Beit El (the TBE General Fund).

    Contributions to the Annual Endowment Gift Program will be added to other pledges and donations made to the Endowment Fund over time to update recognition level in one of the Endowment’s Societies. Cumulative gifts over several years can qualify a donor for membership in the Dor L’Dor Society.

  • Giving to your Temple is easy!

    Click here for our Square Store and choose your donation! Thank-you!!

    Or you may wish to use our Tzedakah Form.